Jamba C++ API  5.1.1
CStringParamSerializer< size > Class Template Reference

A parameter backed by a C type string (char[size]). More...

#include <ParamSerializers.h>

Inherits IParamSerializer< char[size]>.

Public Types

using ParamType = char[size]
- Public Types inherited from IParamSerializer< char[size]>
using ParamType = char

Public Member Functions

tresult readFromStream (IBStreamer &iStreamer, ParamType &oValue) const override
tresult writeToStream (const ParamType &iValue, IBStreamer &oStreamer) const override
void writeToStream (ParamType const &iValue, std::ostream &oStream) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IParamSerializer< char[size]>
virtual tresult readFromStream (IBStreamer &iStreamer, ParamType &oValue) const
 This method should read from the stream and populate oValue accordingly (aka deserialization) More...
virtual std::string toString (ParamType const &iValue, int32 iPrecision) const
virtual tresult writeToStream (const ParamType &iValue, IBStreamer &oStreamer) const
 This method should write iValue to the stream (aka serialization) More...
virtual void writeToStream (ParamType const &iValue, std::ostream &oStream) const
 By default, this implementation simply writes the value to the stream IF it is possible (determined at compilation time). More...

Detailed Description

template<int size = 128>
class pongasoft::VST::CStringParamSerializer< size >

A parameter backed by a C type string (char[size]).

No memory allocation happens in this case.

Template Parameters
sizeof the string saved/restored

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ParamType

using ParamType = char[size]

Member Function Documentation

◆ readFromStream()

tresult readFromStream ( IBStreamer &  iStreamer,
ParamType oValue 
) const

◆ writeToStream() [1/2]

tresult writeToStream ( const ParamType iValue,
IBStreamer &  oStreamer 
) const

◆ writeToStream() [2/2]

void writeToStream ( ParamType const &  iValue,
std::ostream &  oStream 
) const

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