Jamba C++ API  5.1.1
pongasoft::VST::GUI Namespace Reference




class  GUIController
 Base class from which the actual controller inherits from. More...
class  GUIPluginState
 Simple templated extension to expose the plugin parameters as its real type. More...
class  GUIState
class  IDialogHandler
 Defines the interface to show or dismiss a modal/dialog window which is a window that captures all events and must be dismissed (by calling IDialogHandler::dismissDialog). More...
class  IJmbParamDef
 Base class for jamba parameters (non templated) More...
class  IParamDef
 Base class for all ParamDef. More...
class  JmbParamDef
 Base class for all non vst parameters (need to provide serialization/deserialization) More...
struct  Margin
 Margin is a similar concept to css: used to create space around elements, outside of any defined borders. More...
class  ParamAwareViews
 This class manages the views that have been made "param aware". More...
class  RawVstParamDef
 Base class for a raw vst parameter definition. More...
class  RelativeDrawContext
 Encapsulates the draw context provided by VSTGUI to reason in relative coordinates (0,0) is top,left. More...
class  RelativeView
struct  StringDrawContext
 The context which contains the details on how the string should be drawn. More...
class  VstParamDef
 Typed parameter definition. More...


using AbsoluteCoord = CCoord
using AbsolutePoint = CPoint
using AbsoluteRect = CRect
using BitmapPtr = CBitmap *
using BitmapSPtr = SharedPointer< CBitmap >
using FontPtr = CFontDesc *
using FontSPtr = SharedPointer< CFontDesc >
using GradientPtr = CGradient *
using GradientSPtr = SharedPointer< CGradient >
template<typename T >
using JmbParam = std::shared_ptr< JmbParamDef< T > >
using KeyboardEventCallback = std::function< CKeyboardEventResult(VstKeyCode const &)>
 Used to register global keyboard hooks. More...
using Range = Utils::Range< CCoord >
 Defines a Range. More...
using RawVstParam = std::shared_ptr< RawVstParamDef >
using RelativeCoord = CCoord
using RelativePoint = CPoint
using RelativeRect = CRect
template<typename T >
using VstParam = std::shared_ptr< VstParamDef< T > >


enum  DeprecatedCControlEnum { kShadowText = 1 << 2, kNoTextStyle = 1 << 11 }
 Implementation note: The CControlEnum enumeration has been removed from VSTGUI. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ AbsoluteCoord

using AbsoluteCoord = CCoord

◆ AbsolutePoint

using AbsolutePoint = CPoint

◆ AbsoluteRect

using AbsoluteRect = CRect

◆ BitmapPtr

using BitmapPtr = CBitmap *

◆ BitmapSPtr

using BitmapSPtr = SharedPointer<CBitmap>

◆ FontPtr

using FontPtr = CFontDesc *

◆ FontSPtr

using FontSPtr = SharedPointer<CFontDesc>

◆ GradientPtr

using GradientPtr = CGradient *

◆ GradientSPtr

using GradientSPtr = SharedPointer<CGradient>

◆ JmbParam

using JmbParam = std::shared_ptr<JmbParamDef<T> >

◆ KeyboardEventCallback

using KeyboardEventCallback = std::function<CKeyboardEventResult(VstKeyCode const&)>

Used to register global keyboard hooks.

◆ Range

using Range = Utils::Range<CCoord>

Defines a Range.

◆ RawVstParam

using RawVstParam = std::shared_ptr<RawVstParamDef>

◆ RelativeCoord

using RelativeCoord = CCoord

◆ RelativePoint

using RelativePoint = CPoint

◆ RelativeRect

using RelativeRect = CRect

◆ VstParam

using VstParam = std::shared_ptr<VstParamDef<T> >

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ DeprecatedCControlEnum

Implementation note: The CControlEnum enumeration has been removed from VSTGUI.

Since some of the values were being used by Jamba, this (deprecated) enumeration serves 2 purposes: